el proceso - MENTA CANELA

Our story begins in Africa, more specifically in Madagascar. Raffia palms are grown there.
All the raffia we use in our products is collected from these palms.
Once collected, the cleanest leaves are carefully selected for natural use.
In our relentless quest for artisan excellence, Morocco has become a modern centre for raffia production. Therefore, when the raffia is selected it is sent to our craftsmen in Morocco, who are responsible for creating the magnificent works of art that we have in our collection.

Our craftsmen receive the patterns we design for them from Barcelona, inspired by timeless classic models.
In order to make the design a reality, it must be drawn on the last of the shoe where the raffia will be braided, following the chosen pattern.
Several tests are made, until finally we get a prototype. From this point on, our beloved shoes come out.
Working with raffia is a very laborious process as it is a very resistant and durable material. In order to carry out the braiding, fibres are interwoven to give it shape, until the desired shape is reached.

Did you know that... It only takes a whole day to braid a pair of shoes?

Once we have the shape of the shoe completed, the sole is added. In this case we use vegan soles of tunit. It is a very durable material that imitates the elegance of leather, but without using any animal components, so all our shoes are suitable for vegans.
After this great process, all our shoes undergo rigorous quality control.
And finally they are ready to be sent to your home.

As you can see, we do not use any mechanical or environmentally harmful processes. The process is long and laborious to do, all done completely by hand. Our craftsmen spend many hours and we also believe in them, as without them our work would be meaningless. Thanks to this work they receive a decent salary for their efforts.
We believe that craftsmanship and excellence go hand in hand.